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Hi, we’re Pompous Gentlemen. Panda, Rodrigo, Jeff & Ray.

Experienced international dating coaches that teach men how to meet and attract women. And how to do it smarter, not harder.

Within a couple of months, we have helped men in 33 countries learn how to be naturally Attractive Men. That could mean learning to:

  • Easily dance with women
  • Dress sharp in men’s style and fashion
  • Overpower your approach anxiety
  • How to have success in online dating
  • Become a damn-good conversationalist
  • Effectively approach anywhere (night or day)

We take a Unique Approach than Other “Experts” Out There

Experienced coaches who constantly go out

We aren’t regular dating coaches who have never approached. We are constantly going out. We are living what we teach. Plus, some of our coaches have worked for some of the biggest dating and pickup companies as in-field coaches.

We help you gain a dating edge.

Because ultimately you’re looking to improve the quantity or quality of women in your life.

We’ll work with you to design the best plan for meeting your dating goals

Yes, we can teach you how to meet and pick up girls anywhere (cold approach). But we know everyone has different goals. Whether you want to:

  • Attract and pick up women in a bar or night club
  • Build your social circle so you don’t have to approach random strangers
  • Become successful at online dating
  • Learn to meet and attract women during your everyday routine since you’re busy

It’s could be finding a quality girlfriend to having a lot of fun casual relationships. Or anything else in between. We’ll help you meet your dating goals.

Learn a cheat code for attracting women

We can quickly and easily teach you the one of the biggest cheat codes to attracting women. The ability to dance.

All of us learned and taught dance in one of the most competitive dance communities in the world: The Los Angeles dance scene. Combined between Jeff, Rodrigo, Ray & Panda, we have 40+ years of dance experience.

We offer a skillset that is extremely hard to find, coaches who can effectively teach how to meet and attract women in all types of venues (coffee shops to loud chaotic clubs to online dating). Plus, teach you how to learn dance easily and quickly.

And how to combine both skills to improve your overall success with women.

We have the flexibility to teach both skills separately or together:

  • Learn to approach and attract women without dance
  • Learn to dance only
  • Learn to combine both to make it easier

Plus, we’ve been mentored by some of the top leading dating and seduction experts in the world.

So whatever your needs or interests, we got you.


I know there’s A LOT of information and people you can read. We know we need to give you value and earn your trust. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about us.

You’re probably like us. We are all nice guys that have had our hearts ripped out and stomped on. It’s this pain that motivated us to take action and do something.

Whether, you just got out of a relationship. Maybe, she cheated on you. Or You two grew apart.

We want to help you get bounce back and head in a positive direction after.

We each had our individual traumatic dating events.

Jeff’s heart-breaking moment (his dating catalyst)

“I have a clear, vivid memory of me at work, sloughed in my chair and staring off into the distance.

My heart ached.

I felt a lump stuck in my throat as I tried not to reminisce and dwell on all the past, happy moments with her.

The irony is that those same happy moments could also make you feel so… sad and alone.

It didn’t help that I was listening to depressing rainy-day indie music, but it made me feel better.

All I need is time. And I’ll get over it.

But I still couldn’t help think the worst pessimistic thoughts:

Fuck, there goes 6-and-a-half-year relationship.

You were supposed to marry this girl.

What happens if I don’t find another girl as amazing as her?

These thoughts my mind was playing on repeat.

Still, one thought stood out from the rest.

It’s really over.

I leaned back on my work chair to stare back at the empty ceiling. Tears rolled down my cheek as I slowly closed my eyes.

Now, I open my eyes.

And I realize that I’m a back at my kitchen table in front of my laptop writing this Pompous Gentlemen Newsletter.

I actually went back to THAT moment. That was the first time I felt the breakup. It was my first realization that it was over.

I was drowning in all the pathetic things that kill and murder attraction.

Neediness. Desperation. Scarcity.

The thing that scared me the most was the feeling that I might die alone.

All that’s left was irrational emotions. I’m unattractive, unloved and unwanted.

I wanted to get passed these feelings. This was the start of finding pickup and dating self-help.

A crazy journey of sex and women, and how to live life. Adventures of finding confidence, and finding myself.

And I’m thankful to have passed that sad, depressing low.

And now, I want to help guys get out of the same sad pathetic pain I felt.

And how to truly change and grow to live a life you love.”

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