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Post Valentine Relationship Woes

Going on an after Valentine’s Day roll here, I’m gonna assume that if you’re like me then your Valentine’s Day success comes with the good and the bad as well.

The road to happiness never comes without its ups and downs my friend, that you should already know….doe. (lol)

I know Ray already knows where I’m going with this and is probably gonna get a good laugh out of it. But…. friends can be assholes you guys, especially your best friends. They’ll support your relationship if it’s good for you, though they won’t let you off without a little trolling every now and then…. or all the time if your friends are my friends.

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If you’re a little more sensitive I can see how this might make you go crazy. So I’m here with some tips to help out. Luckily for me, I know my friends are bound to troll me since we troll each other and you get what you give out. If you’re someone like Ray we definitely dish it out at least 85% of his life. The other 15% is when he’s away for work. I’m sure he’s definitely grateful for his work saving him from having to deal with us all the time.

On to the point. If you’re like some guys who take things way too seriously and get flustered over small things like your friends making fun of you for having a girlfriend, then this is for you.

How to Prolong Your Suffering

When you get into a relationship just know your friends are gonna come after you. If they haven’t already then they’re either waiting in the shadows ready to pounce at the right moment… or they’re just your acquaintances. Good friends, or at least your closer ones, will be sure to make fun of you because it’s what we do as close friends.

Deal with it…as I have had to deal with it for a time now.

If you aren’t exactly ready for the verbal torture just yet, you can always prolong your suffering. Imminent yet not immediate, either way it doesn’t have to be all that bad.

When you meet up with your friends, you go out to eat, get drinks, play pool, etc. You’re going to talk and catch up and if you haven’t seen each other in forever then expect to talk A LOT. One of the subjects, if not the first, to come up is gonna be relationship or dating related. Your goal is to keep it from being anywhere near the first subject to be talked about. Bring up the most recent night of drunk adventures you had and try to get the whole conversation to focus on what you guys remember happening that night.

“Did I talk to that hot girl in the club? Was she actually hot? I tried to pull her to the bathroom? Oh I made out with her… but she wasn’t actually hot? Damn, that sucks.”

Whatever your friends talk about just keep asking them questions and crack jokes. Make everyone gang up on each other as long as the attention isn’t on you. One mistake you could make is making fun of the wrong member of the conversation and immediately they can flip that trap card on you and bring up what they know will make you uncomfortable the most. Don’t activate their trap card my friend, it’s just not worth it.

Remember you gotta be the first one to talk whenever there is a chance to divert attention away from yourself; it’s almost like a drinking game. Maybe drinking will make things easier when they actually do bring up the subject. You gotta make every topic of conversation last as long as you can while taking it further and further away from the subject of relationships. When you do see the transition coming into another topic you gotta be the first to speak so you can choose the next subject. It surprisingly takes a decent amount of wit and strategy to pull this off.

Like i said before, if you’re like me and one of the heads of Pompous Gentlemen, dating is one of the first topics to come up. Luckily for me I’m known for being pretty random so I can bring up random topics like that. We also go through a lot of escapades filled with drunk shenanigans and all types of nonsense. So recollecting the night and making fun of each other on non-dating related topics takes up a lot of our time.

Though not everyone can be so random, coming up with things to say on the fly can be a little more daunting of a task for you. If that’s the case and you do end up getting cornered into talking about your relationship, then you gotta immediately attempt to deflect the questions onto one of your friends in the conversation. While they’re talking, find an opening to bring up another subject, then you use that chance to change the subject.

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When you are on the subject though and the damn spotlight is on you, you just gotta give short answers and be super vague so they eventually give up and get bored talking about it. Be careful with the being vague part though because it could backfire on you and make them ask even more questions. When you’re talking with Jeff, Rodrigo and Ray your chances of escaping are practically zero. They’re like hyenas after a young Simba…relentless.

Though if you’re smart you’ll take advantage of the others in the group who are in relationships or are exclusively dating someone. You redirect attention to them and watch it all unfold as you sit back and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to throw in a few jabs every now and then, too.

Also make sure you have work to get done and business to discuss so you can always redirect the topic onto focusing on more important things. Remember, it’ll happen eventually but you can prolong it. It just depends on when you’re ready to go through with it. Friends are assholes, I know.

I feel your pain.

It’s Not All That Bad

Time to look on the bright side guys. Eventually you’ll have been through it all and they might have stopped poking fun at you. If they haven’t, either way you should still be fine with it. It shouldn’t bother you that much in the first place unless you are the type to get bothered by this stuff. I know there are those people out there that just can’t handle criticism in any way even if it’s just a little joke between friends.

Well cheer up buddy, it’s not as bad as you think.

Think of it this way: if you want to help, get over it. In the end if it’s just your friends making fun of you for being in a relationship, it’s just fun and games. Maybe they can’t directly express that they’re happy for you so they joke about it, though they never talk negatively about it. It’s not a bad thing.

They may be making fun of you. On the bright side: at least they’re supportive of it. Who knows, maybe they’re even envious of what you have. There’s a 50/50 chance that they are not lonely by choice so I would say that they probably are envious of you.

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Even though you’re at the end of all the relationship jokes, at the end of the day you know you’re in a happy relationship. You can even have your girlfriend console you if that’s something you need… *Laugh out loud*

Like I said before, most people would literally die to be in a happy relationship. Some people can’t live without a partner. Hopefully this isn’t the case for you. You should never rely on someone for your happiness, though it never hurts to be in a relationship.

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