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Pompous Gentlemen Podcast, Episode 1: “Does She Like Me? Signs of Attraction – Part 1”

This is our episode 1 where we go in-depth of how to tell if she likes you: signs of attraction.

So you can answer that burning question.

“Does she like me?”

We discuss the numerous ways we’ve learned to recognize female attraction.

These signs are displayed through her actions, words and body language.

This is a massive collection of our knowledge on the topic combined with our own personal insights.


  • Massive list of how to tell if a girl is interested or attracted to you.
    • In dating community: Approach Invitations
    • In Pickup community: I.O.I. (indicators of interest)
  • General Rules of Thumb
    • The more feminine energy you can bring out of her, the more that she likes you.
    • If she’s still talking to you and she hasn’t ran away, then don’t leave. You have her interested enough to keep her attention, which is a good sign.
  • Different types of eye contact. The three eye contacts by Rodrigo.
  • Approaching group scenarios and who to talk to 1st the fat friend or the hot friend.
    • Describing the “gate keeper”
  • Breaking down length of eye contact and type 1, type 2 and type 3 glances.
  • Pompous Gentlemen 5-second rule.
  • Why girls follow you and seem to always be in your proximity.
  • What does an accidental bump mean?
  • Examples of how to use what assumes you to flirt or banter with you.
  • Other big, obvious verbal signs that she is attracted to you.
  • What to do when girls that haven’t talked to you in forever message you.
    • Art of Charm Episode with Neil Strauss here.
  • The date counter-offer.
  • “Don’t worry, there’s so many hamsters in their cages”
  • Physical signs of attraction.
  • One of our tips for getting a quick make out with a stranger.
  • Tips for holding a girl’s hand

End of Part 1

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